Strategic Partnership

Role Summary:

Equipment Group International is seeking a strategic partnership for an office location in Lake Charles, LA. The ideal partner will have significant industry exposure that broadly supports the oil, gas and refinery industry. The ideal candidate represents qualities of an entrepreneurial business builder with a diverse skill set of prior experiences – operations, investments, advisory shares, etc. This role provides the opportunity to make an immediate impact as well as organize and shape long-term goals.

Skills & Qualifications

  • Highly motivated, self-starter who enjoys planning and logistical responsibilities.

  • Have exceptional attention to detail and approach workstreams with a methodical mindset.

  • Have a passion for achieving excellence alongside hard-working and dedicated team members.

  • Established and proven knowledge of results-based management and financial controls.

  • Ability to carry out performance and indicator analysis.

  • Understanding of local labor laws.

Duties (include, but not limited to):

  • Provide support to increase growth in existing portfolio companies.

  • Originate and strategize new investment opportunities.

  • Assist with driving the origination of new opportunities and pipeline management processes.

  • Seek opportunities and challenges within the target market to ensure alignment with the Company business model.

  • Supporting the personal and professional Team development by considering individual needs compliant with company guidelines.

  • Intermediating the flow of information between the Team and the rest of the company.