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Boiler Expanders

Tube expanding is the art of cold working the ends of tubes into intimate contact with the metal of the containing tube holes to form a leak-proof, mechanical seal and/or joint. Boiler expanders to not include a mandrel when ordered because it's possible to obtain them with three different types of mandrels depending on application. *All mandrels sold separately.


  • Incorporates tube expanding and flaring into one tool.

  • Used when torque control is not desired or when space is limited.

  • Can be converted to a B-2000 Series by adding the thrust mechanism


  • Exclusive drift thrust assembly to make torque control possible

  • Thrust assembly is adjustable to allow accurate positioning for consistent joint expansion

  • Performs consistent joint expansion on every tube


  • Straight-roll expander for non-flare boiler tubes

  • Can be used in conjunction with either Airetool® B-1000 or B-2000.

  • Use in conjunction with either Airetool® B-1000 or B-2000 in thicker tube sheet applications

Choose the right boiler expander.

To select the correct expander, the following information is required:

  • Tube O.D.

  • Tube Wall Thickness or BWG

  • Tube Sheet or Drum Thickness

  • Minimum straight section at end of tube

  • Drum diameter (if less than 18")

*Longer reach expanders are available upon request.

Airetool® heat exchanger and condenser expanders have long been recognized as the standard to which all other brands are measured. The extra time spent manufacturing our expanders results in consistent performance and incredible durability that is expected of OEM heat exchanger manufacturers.

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